Sunday, November 15, 2009

We have had some internet connection issues this weekend so I haven't been on here much. I think we are ok now...I hope. Drew and Abby had there first JBQ (jr bible quiz) match this weekend. Big brother, Avery has done it for the last 4 years but this is this first year. I am very proud of their progress.

We stopped by the Regency Square Mall Saturday and got the free $10 gift card I was telling you about last week. This is Jim waiting in line for his...yes, there was a small line. We both got the free gift cards in Sept and now 2 more in Nov. That is $40 free money that we have gotten!!!!! Lori & Phillip and Nathalie & Stan got them too. I will let everyone know if they have this promotion again. I think they are trying to get people out to the mall and spending for me. We didn't spend ours yet. We are waiting for some good Christmas sales.
Oh yeah, while we were at Regency Square Mall I went to Chick-fil-a. I noticed a sign that said BOGO free nuggets on Tuesdays 5-8pm and BOGO free milkshakes on Fridays 5-8pm. This deal is good for the regency square mall location only (inside the mall), but it is a great deal if you are there at those times.

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