Monday, November 23, 2009

Great weekend in Atlanta/Athens

We had such a good time in Athens/ Atlanta this weekend. This was my hubby's birthday gift to go to a Ga game in Athens. We did have some frugal points to this post. Above is a picture of the Marriott we stayed at in Atlanta. We used and bid on our rooms. We got 2 rooms for 2 night for $30 per room per night. This was an awesome deal for this hotel.
This was my favorite part if the room. Comfy bed with down comforter and down pillows.

This was my hubby's favorite part of the room.....LOL

Stacey (Jim's sister) and her husband Joel went with us. Stacey and I are big Gator fans, but our husbands are Ga fans. We said we would wear Ga apparel for this game since they were playing KY and not FL. Stacey really tried to back out on this but eventually gave in. Shhhhhhh.....don't tell the Ga fans but she had a FL shirt underneath her Ga one. I told her that if those Ga fans knew they probably would have tossed us out of the stadium like Jonah off the ship.

We were driving around trying to find a good place to park and tailgate. We knew we would probably pay $20 to $30. We drove past a lot that was close to the stadium that was $100...OMG....we knew we weren't paying that. As we drove by a nice parking lot guard told us to pull in the next lot that was full. He just saw someone pull out and that lot was FREE!!!!!! Just my style...LOL.

Don't tell her I put the evidence on here.

Sadly UGA died 2 days before the game and they had a wreath on his doghouse.

All of us goofing off at the game.

We ate at Hard Rock Atlanta on Sunday before we headed home.

Stacey had to wear the Gator apparel on Sunday to make up for Sunday.

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