Sunday, November 8, 2009

Great deal on games at Toys R Us

Toys R Us has these games priced $3.99 this week:
■Ants in Pants
■Candy Land
■Chutes and Ladders
■Don’t Break The Ice
■Hi-Ho Cherry-O

PLUS****** when you buy $25 in these games you get a $10 gift card
PLUS****** You can send in a $2 rebate for each game here.

So if you buy 7 different $3.99 games you will spend $27.93. You will get a $10 gift card back and you can get $14 back in rebates. Which means after rebate and gift card you would be spending $3.93 on all 7 games total.

Thanks, Deal Seeking mom


Shirley said...

I want to go to toys r us now. thanks!

kelly said...

I am at home with a sick child, but my sweet hubby went and got them for me.