Monday, March 30, 2009

Free Redbox code for Monday 3/30

This is spring break week here, so you may have more time to watch a movie. Why not go to Redbox and get a free one. The code for today is: 89ZQJ3. This code expires at midnight tonight.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Weekly Publix Run

So we made our run on Sunday this week because we are on spring break and don't have to work next week woot woot. Although it does make remember how it used to be.... 10 years ago "What are you going to do on spring break?" reply "I'm going to Daytona to lay on the beach and party". Flash to the present. "What are you going to do on spring break?" reply " I'm going to Harris Teeter and Publix then I'm going to get as much sleep as possible." Oh, how the times have changed :)
Oh well, we did pretty well but didn't take a pic because we had Olivia today and she is walking now and into EVERYTHING so no pic.

10 Contessa meals Reg 79.99 we paid 19.99
10 Bags of goodlife catfood Reg 44.50 we paid 2.45 for all of them
4 big 300 packs of Huggies wipes Reg 23.96 we paid 3.96 for all of them
20 Earth's best baby food Reg 21.80 we paid 6.90
10 bags of pretzel chips Reg 31.90 we paid 5.95
Our totals
Amount spent - 288.05
Total Savings - 218.39
Total OOP - 69.66
We saved 76%

Free at CVS today and tomorrow

Make sure you stop by CVS today or tomorrow. You can get a Paas Egg Decorating kit for $1.99, you get $1.99 ECB back. Final price= free. (limit 2)

Target deal

In today's ad they have buy six 8 packs of Pepsi products for $15 dollars, but you also get a $5 Target gift card. This makes it six packs for $10. I think that is a pretty good deal.

Party City Deals

In today's paper there is a Party City ad. I thought there were a lot of sales and a coupon for $5 /$25 purchase. They have a huge BOGO free sale going on right now.
  • 60 ct plates assorted colors BOGO
  • 84" round plastic covers BOGO
  • tissue paper BOGO
  • Scene setters for party's (this is a great deal) BOGO
  • curling ribbon BOGO
  • 125ct colored napkins BOGO
  • 24ct colored heavy duty cutlery BOGO
  • streamer BOGO
  • 7oz My color M&M's (great for a party or wedding theme) BOGO

There are also a lot of Easter things on sale.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thanks Frugal Coupon Living

Another Great Walgreens Deal for Next Week

1) Go to My Coke Rewards Here..
2) Enter the code 100869373819..
3) Print the coupon B1G1 for a 20 oz coupon for Walgreens..
4) Next week (Sunday, March 29 - Saturday, April 4), Walgreens will have a sale: Buy a 20 oz coke, get a Hershey Candy Bar..
5) Use this coupon and get 2 Hershey Bars and 2 20 oz cokes all for the price of ONE Coke!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Harris Teeter is tripling!!!!

It appears that Harris Teeter is tripling coupons from March 25-March 31. I saw a lot of people talking about it on Hot Coupon World. Call your local store just to make sure before you make a long trip there, but it appears that all stores are participating. Remember you can triple coupons that are .99 cents in value or less. (example .75 coupon triples to $2.25) You can use up to 20 coupons per order per visit.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Walgreens this week

Hunt's Tomato sauce 8 oz. .39 cents with Walgreens coupon in ad.Use easy saver rebate to get spend $10, get $5 back. This will be a good deal.

Right Guard Professional strength deodorant. On sale for $5.99. Use the Walgreen's easy saver mail in rebate to get $5 back. Final price= .99 cents

Gillette Fusion Gamer razor. On sale for $8.99, use $4 coupon from newspaper, get $4 register reward back. final price= .99 cents

That's about all I see. Let me know if you've found any other good deals here. I have to use my $10 register reward this week.

Cvs this week

Milk- who doesn't need milk when you have small kids?
Buy 2 gallons for $6, get $2 ECB back
final price= 2/$4

St Ives skin care or Noxzema cleansing cream
Spend $10, get $5 in ECB back
Use $2/1 st Ives elements coupon from newspaper 3/8 (i think)
use $1/1 st Ives scrub coupon from newspaper 3/8

Speed stick 24/7 men's deodorant
Buy one for $2.99, get $2 ECB back
final price= .99 cents

Colgate wisp
on sale for $1.99
use $1/1 from All you magazine
final price= .99 cents

Dawn dish detergent
on sale 2/$2
get $1 ECB back
use .25 coupon from newspaper
final price after ECB and 2 coupons = .50 cents for 2 bottles

Pepsi 8 pack
buy 4/$10, get $2 ECB back
final price= 4/$8

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Up to 90% off at Belk (end of season sales)

Ok, so I haven't been in the mood to go to Publix or CVS the last few days , but I did stop by Belk. I got these Asics running shoes for $9.59. The original price was $65. All the kids clothes were $2.98 or $4.98. I got Avery a pair of pants and dress shirt he will wear to his 5th grade dance and for Easter. I only paid $7.96 for the whole outfit. I couldn't resist getting the kids a few other shirts/ outfits for $2.98 for next fall. That is better than you can find at most thrift/consignment stores.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

JC Penney's

Here is a coupon for some great in store deals from JC Penney. They are good only tomorrow 3/22 from 3 to 9 p.m.

Click here for the coupon.

Happy Shoppping

Friday, March 20, 2009

In Honor of Kelly

Ok since Kelly is so giddy about her upcoming wedding and is too flustered to bargain hunt we decided to go overboard and bargain hunt in her honor.

Highlights of our trip
10 boxes of the Trail mix cereal 1.00 they were 10 cents per box after coupons
6 containers of yo plus yogurt for free after coupons
free lotion, rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer thanks to the Baby Club
6 four count Dole fruit cups for 3.45 after coupons which is the how much 1 1/2 would cost
2 tubs and 2 packs of smart balance butter for 2.09 after coupons normally 3.49 for one
Total spent 333.81
Total saved 245.56
Total OOP 88.25
We saved 74%
The world nicest manager, George, had to stand there and individually override each coupon after the 50.00 limit. He did this with a smile on his face and thanked us for shopping there. He even waited til the bitter end to see how much we saved.
Love me some George. Corporate will be getting a very nice e-mail about him again.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thank You!!!

Thanks Selina and Amy & Matt. Yes, I am excited to be engaged. I feel too distracted to look for bargains right now. I hope that passes soon and I can get back to saving money. Right now I really wishing someone had a frugal wedding planning blog....I'm not so sure there is such a thing as a frugal wedding. OMG! I'm amazed at the price of a wedding these days. If anyone has any advice, please feel free to give it to me.
Congratulations to Kelly and Jim. Those of us who are bargain hunters know that there is nothing in this world worth more than love. All of our best wishes to you all.
With our love, best wishes and prayers for a long and happy life together,
Matt and Amy
Congrats Kelly & JIm

Ok.... Love, Love, Love Publix and of course FoodLion

I am more of a mini trip maker to spend a little here and there. For the bulk of my meats I have the awsome privilege of going to the commissary... Which makes me think, maybe I should do a military blog.. Anyway, back to the task at hand...

Publix..... 3 boxes of Kellogs frosted flakes, 3 Tombstone pizzas, 3 (4 packs) Kraft mac-n-cheese
2 packs of individual serving of Motts applesauce and Whole fryer

Total = $22.

FoodLion.... 4 Boxes of General Mills Cereal and 2 boxes (42 count) FL flushable wipes

Total = $6.08

Did I mention we could live off of cereal

Walgreens.... 2 cans of Fructis hairspray, 4 bottles of the new J&J Body wash (not full size but a little bigger than travel size)

Total = $ 2.14

Then the commissary, things are always cheaper but they don't except competitors coupons and things are never BOGO.. However, I did get, 10 packs of friskys party pack cat mix for FREE!!! And I don't even have a cat:) But I guess if times get hard we can live off of cereal and cat food..

Hey LaFonda!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Walgreen's part 2,999

So we went to our neighborhood Walgreen's and shopped. Got all of the items we wanted and had coupons for. Get to the register and were told that we could not combine the easy saver stuff with the manuf. coupons. So we said never mind and left.
We then went to the Walgreen's on the Northside because we were going to my mom's anyway and bought 2 more packs of diapers and tried once again. Low and behold it worked. No beeping no overcharging it actually worked. We couldn't get a couple of the items because they were sold out but we did get a raincheck for them. The items were there when we arrived but someone bought them all while we went to get a cart. We figure it was Kelly :) So now we know we have to go to the Northside in order to be able to shop at Walgreen's. I don't get it but at least it worked.

Double Publix Run

So I heard Matt got into trouble for not posting this yet :)
Here goes
So looking at the pictures below I'm sure that some will think. Ok...who in the world needs that much applesauce.
Short answer is that we share the wealth. Some goes to my work, some to Matt's and some to Liv's daycare. Actually we send rice, crackers, cereal and other stuff to Liv's daycare because Ms. Dot charges us pennies but provides food for the kids. The only things we have to provide are wipes, diapers, jars of baby food and formula or soy milk. I know my daughter can put away some food so we share the wealth.

Saturday's trip

Total spent 173.30
Total saved 139.82
Total OOP 33.48
We saved 80%

Return trip on Monday
Matt did this run solo. What a good man I have :)

Total spent 98.14
Total saved 78.05
Total OOP 20.09
We saved 80% again

Whoot whoot!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

We love snacks!

I went to Old Navy Friday to use my 30% off coupon. I found these really cute shirts for my twins. They absolutely LOVE snacks. One of them recently told me that there were 4 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner & night time snack). Tonight we got home from church late and had dinner about 8:30pm. The twins were off to bed at 9:00pm, but one of them was laying on the floor crying because they couldn't have a night time snack. We just ate 15 minutes ago. I think they are completely missing the point that you don't need a snack if your not hungry. Oh well, these shirts are so perfect for those two...LOL. I hope everyone found something good to use their 30% coupon on.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What does a couponer do on vacation for fun?

I was talking to Matt and Myrtice today and we were talking about this. Then I read a post by Centsible Savings about how she had couponing fun on her vacation. I just had to link this post, especially for Matt and Myrtice. Click here to read how we are not the only ones who think this way...LOL

April issue of ALL YOU magazine

I got my April issue in the mail yesterday. I always enjoy looking to see what good coupons I can find in it each month. I thought this month had a lot more the than last few months that I would actually use. I may go buy another copy. Here are the coupons:
Colgate Wisp .50
Marzetti salad dressing $1.00
Sea Breeze products $1.00
Brut products $1.00
Brut deodorant .55
Free Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara at Walmart (max value $6.47)
White cloud bathroom tissue .50
Jane make up $2.00
Colgate toothpaste $1.00
Excederin PM $1.00
2 Splenda products $3.00
Stacey's Pita chips 6oz $1.00
Stacey's Pita chips 10oz $1.00
All you magazine .50
People magazine $1.00
Tums Dual Action $3.00
Stouffer's family or party size meal $1.00
Spectracide $2.00
Palmolive Pure+Clear .40
Palmolive .25
GE energy smart light bulbs $1.00
Buy any glade scented oil candle tin holder and get a scented oil candle refill pack free ($3.49)
Spot Shot .55
New York frozen products .50
Noxzema spashave 4 blade shavers $2.00
white castle .50
sunchips $1.00
wesson oil .50
underwood ham spread $1.00

Total savings around $50.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New code

Go to and use the code Menu to get 80% off. This code is good through March 15th. We had to buy one of our favorites (Ted Montana's). You can get $25 gift certificate for $2.

Confused about what items are covered on a coupon?

So, for the first time ever I am going to write on this blog. It makes me incredibly nervous. Anyway, I talked to Amy about the site that describes what products are covered/included on a coupon. For example, the Huggies coupons that just came out can be used on a variety of Huggies diapers. Begin by clicking here. You have to be a member to input information. All you need to do is enter the UPC number (all of the numbers) under the bar code in the coupon decoder. Most manufacturer coupons will usually start with a five. It is quick and easy, after you login.

Finder's Keepers Sale

There will be a Finder's Keepers Consignment Sale at the Morocco Shrine Center starting this Thursday. Go here to find out more info. This sounds like a great opportunity to get some great baby/childrens items. Thanks to Coupon Saving Family for this info.

Walgreen's diaper deal

I just wanted to let all my friends (with babies) know about the awesome register reward deal going on this week at Walgreen's. Buy $25 worth of Kimberly-Clark products and get $10 register reward. Huggies jumbo pack diapers $10 each. Buy 3 and use (3) $5/1 coupons printed from Spend $15 OOP and get $10 register reward back. You know this is a good deal when we get LaFonda rushing down to Walgreen's to get this deal....LOL.She's coming around. And Nathalie is out buying diapers with no baby are addicting.

Huzzah Bawk Bawk

So we went back to Publix to pick up the chicken that was just crazy on sale and to grab a few other things.

Our total spent 90.01

Total savings 72.23 (thanks to the 2 Walgreen's 10.00 reister rewards which by the way scan just like regular coupons)

Total Out of Pocket 17.87

We saved a whoppping 80% Hootie Hoo :)

We also went bact to Walgreens and bought 6 more packs of diapers for 34.02 received 20 in register rewards meaning 6 packs of diapers for 14.02 or 2.36 per pack. Now we have 20 more to spend at Publix next week double Hootie Hoo!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Party City Coupon

Are you having a Birthday party or a Graduation Party any time soon? You might be able to use this $10/$30 purchase coupon at Party City. I love this store. You can find a theme for any party. They usually have a clearance section also.

Menu Plan Monday

Ok, this is the first time I am posting my menu. I have been creating a menu for the last several months. Before that I was just winging it for the last 15 years...LOL. I find that when I write a menu down that I am much more likely to stick with it and not hit a drive thru on the way home.

Monday- Tacos (Avery's favorite)
Tuesday- Spaghetti, garlic bread, salads
Wednesday-Jim and I have an appt at 5:00pm then church so we will go to Arby's for our free Roastburger sandwiches
Thursday-Jambalaya (Jim's favorite)
Friday- Chicken marinated in Lawry's sesame ginger, mashed pot. & veggies
Saturday- Pork Chops
Sunday- Go to TGI Fridays for our free meals they sent for the problems several weeks ago.

Free Redbox Monday

The code for today is F3T9L6. Use this code before midnight tonight to get a free nights rental. Make sure you return it before 9:00pm on Tue or you will be charged $1 per night.

Walgreen's Grrrrrrrr

I am really starting to think that there is a conspiracy against coupons by any store that has Wal as it's first 3 letters.

So we trotted to our Walgreen's for the diaper deal and that part went fine we got 4 packs used 4 $5.00 coupons in 2 transactions and got 20 in register rewards. So essentially we got 4 packs of diapers for free we came OOP 25 for the 4 packs and 4 Kotex cause they were on sale and we had to spend 25.00 on each order, but the 20.00 in RR makes up for it. No biggie
So the three of us, my loving husband, me and our fussy, hungry, independent, non walking but wants you to walk her, early preview to the terrible two's 11 month old daughter decided to take advantage of the other deals offered. Big mistake. I mean HUGE. We ended up with a total of $50.00 when it shouldn't have been more than 20. The guy running the register telling me that "yeah, the coupon says one coupon per item but that means you can only use one coupon per order". Me... "Umm no 1 per item I have 3 coupons and 3 of that item." Response, "Yeah that confuses a lot of people". The only people confused are the ones at Walgreen's. So we voided the whole order and left. Even the guy behind us was on my side and argued in my favor. The cashier said "I can go item by item and remove the ones that won't come off." Nope I said "I'll just shop a Publix". I was not going to make a line of people wait for me. We are going to give them one more shot when we don't have the baby with us. With her it's just too much. We are going to split it into 2 transactions if that doesn't work I quit.

Just FYI because of the episode I called my Publix and according to Rachel they accept Register Rewards as competitor coupons so Publix may just get my 20 in register rewards for their awesomely priced chicken and I may get to never visit Walgreen's other than to go to the Redbox.

I Love Publix

Ok, so they have great deals and all but the reason I love Publix is the people. The store manager knows us and points out deals for us when he sees us on Saturdays. "Did you guys see this. This is a really great price. $.99 for Colgate. You should pick up some". We didn't mention that we have like 10 tubes of Colgate we just said "Ooh yes it is". He's so nice. If you are ever in the Kernan Publix say hi to George.

The cashiers are impressed with the coupons not sulky. They do not roll their eyes or give a deep breath when we give them the coupons. More often than not they highlight the receipt for us. When we exceed the 50.00 coupon limit they say "Oh no problem I'll just get the manager". When the manager comes he smiles flips the magic key and says "have a nice day". We do not feel like criminals.

This week's shopping pic

We really did pretty well this week.

Total spent 217.03

Total savings 133.92 - 54.35 was in coupons

Total out of pocket - 83.11

We saved 62%

By the way...

Matt said to mention that the cat peeking out from behind the pizza box wasn't included. That's Bena. She just wanted snacks. :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Huggies coupons have reset

The $5 and $3 coupons for Huggies on have been reset. That means that if you had already reached your print limit that now you can print more. Hurry and get them before they are gone. Walgreens will be having a good register reward deal for them starting tomorrow.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mail Call!!!! ( I love getting mail)

I got the $15 gift card that I requested in Dec. for puchasing Olay products.(See post here) It is a mastercard that I had to activate and I can use it anywhere. My kids love to check the mail because they never know what kind of freebie is going to arrive today.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Publix deals this week

I just want to highlight a few things that I thought were really good deals.

Cheerios BOGO free
Use $1/1 Food Lion printable
Use .50/1 coupon from 2/22 newspaper
final price for Banana nut cheerios= .50 cents a box

Oceanspray Juice or juice cocktail BOGO
Use $1/1 coupons from All Well and Good booklet found at Publix
final price= .74 cents each

Nabisco Ritz crackers BOGO
use $2/2 coupon from 1/25 newspaper
final price= .70 cents a box

King's Hawaiian rolls 12 ct. $1.99 on sale
use $1/1 from March All You magazine
final price= .99 cents a pack

Covergirl make-up
use $2/1 coupon from green advantage Publix flyer
use $1/1 from 3/1 newspaper
use together and $3 off one item. my Publix has eyeshadow for $2.99 or nail polish for $3.29. These would be free or almost free.

Suave Professionals shampoo or conditioner $1.50 each
use food lion printable for $1/1
use $1/2 coupon from newspaper
buy 2, use 2 food lion printables and one manuf.= free

There is a lot more on sale. To get a full list of sales/deals go to Southern Savers

Great sales at Belk

Last night I went shopping for some clothes to bring when we go on vacation. It will still be pretty cold/cool so I thought I could get some good deals on winter clothing. I went to Belk (at Regency). They had 75% off all their fall/winter clothes. This was a great deal. They have clothes in every department for 75% off. If you know what sizes your kids will need next fall then this is a good way to get clothes for a really good deal.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dad's Trip to Publix

Not much posting around here because Liv has been sick for the last few days. Daddy did take a trip to Publix to grab a few things after work

Total before discounts and coupons - 60.66

Total discounts and coupons 44.48

Total OOP 16.18

He saved 73%

Oh what a good hubby he is. Not because of his frugality, but because of the man he is. I'm a lucky woman. :)

Free Redbox code

You free Redbox code for today is: 75EA16 You can use this code at any Redbox location to rent a free movie for one night. If you keep it past 9pm tomorrow you will be charged $1 per night.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TGI Fridays update

For those of you who read about my bad experience at TGI Fridays last week, I wanted to let you know that they redeemed themselves a little bit. The General Manager called and spoke with me. He was very nice and I felt better about what happened. He also said he was going to send us some certificates.

Redbox March Movie Madness

I got an email from Redbox today saying that they would be having march Movie Madness. You will be able to get a code each Wednesday for a free movie. Visit redblog every Wed. in March for your free Wed. code. Then visit your local redbox kiosk for your free 1 night's rental.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Redbox free movie Monday

The code for a free Redbox movie today is MS72K3. This code is good until 12:00 midnight tonight.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Walgreens 3/1 - 3/7

Colgate toothpaste Max fresh or Max white
Pay $3.49, get $3.49 register reward
use $1/1 coupon from 2/22 paper
final price= free + $1 overage

Blink Tears eye drops
You pay $7.99, get $7.99 register reward
Use $2/1 coupon from today's newspaper
final price= free + $2 overage

Vaseline intensive care rescue lotion
on sale for 25% off
get $2 register reward
Use $1.50/1 from 1/18 newspaper

Pepsi 12 packs
buy 2, get $3 register reward
final price= $5 for 2 12 packs

Loreal everpure hair care product
buy 2, get $5 register reward
use (2) $2/1 coupon from 2/1 newspaper
final price after RR and coupons= about $2 each

Carmex moisture plus lip care
Buy one for $2.99, get $2 register reward
final price= .99 cents

Buy $25 of baby items (see ad) get $10 register reward back
various coupons available to make this a better deal

Colgate total toohpaste
use $2.50/1 coupon from easy saver book
use $1/1 coupon from All well and good booklet from Publix
Free + overage

Reach toothbrush .99 cents with in ad coupon
use $1/1 coupon from 2/08 newspaper

Revlon matte eye shadow
BOGO free at $4.99
use (2) $2/1 coupons from 2/08 newspaper
makes them .50 cents a pack

CVS deals 3/1 - 3/7

Carnation Instant Breakfast Vanilla or Chocolate 10ct (limit 1)
you pay $4.99, get $4.99 ECB back
final price= free

Buy $15 of Nestle candy get $7 ECB (limit 1)
might be good for easter basket candy.

Spend $15 of Covergirl products get $5 ECB (limit 1)
various coupons available to make this a better deal

Nexxus- Spend $20 dollars, get $10 ECB
shampoo conditioner, stylers (limit 5 deals)

Slimquick enery shot 2 pack (limit 1)
pay $4.99, get $4.99 ECB back
final price= free

Gilette Fusion Gamer, Gillette Venus embrace sister or Breezez spa razor
You pay $7.99, get $4 ECB (limit 1)
Use $4/1 coupon from todays paper
final price= free

Spend $20 Baby care products (see ad) get $5 ECB
Various coupons available to make this a better deal

Hershey single candy bars $2/1
Use $1/2 Resses's whipps and they will be 2 for free
Use BOGO free coupon for Hersheys chocloate bars will be .50/2
also great for easter baskets

Vitamin D tabs 100 tablets (limit 1 monyhly deal)
pay $2.99, get $2.99 ECB back
final price= free