Thursday, March 19, 2009

Congrats Kelly & JIm

Ok.... Love, Love, Love Publix and of course FoodLion

I am more of a mini trip maker to spend a little here and there. For the bulk of my meats I have the awsome privilege of going to the commissary... Which makes me think, maybe I should do a military blog.. Anyway, back to the task at hand...

Publix..... 3 boxes of Kellogs frosted flakes, 3 Tombstone pizzas, 3 (4 packs) Kraft mac-n-cheese
2 packs of individual serving of Motts applesauce and Whole fryer

Total = $22.

FoodLion.... 4 Boxes of General Mills Cereal and 2 boxes (42 count) FL flushable wipes

Total = $6.08

Did I mention we could live off of cereal

Walgreens.... 2 cans of Fructis hairspray, 4 bottles of the new J&J Body wash (not full size but a little bigger than travel size)

Total = $ 2.14

Then the commissary, things are always cheaper but they don't except competitors coupons and things are never BOGO.. However, I did get, 10 packs of friskys party pack cat mix for FREE!!! And I don't even have a cat:) But I guess if times get hard we can live off of cereal and cat food..

Hey LaFonda!

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