Monday, March 16, 2009

Walgreen's part 2,999

So we went to our neighborhood Walgreen's and shopped. Got all of the items we wanted and had coupons for. Get to the register and were told that we could not combine the easy saver stuff with the manuf. coupons. So we said never mind and left.
We then went to the Walgreen's on the Northside because we were going to my mom's anyway and bought 2 more packs of diapers and tried once again. Low and behold it worked. No beeping no overcharging it actually worked. We couldn't get a couple of the items because they were sold out but we did get a raincheck for them. The items were there when we arrived but someone bought them all while we went to get a cart. We figure it was Kelly :) So now we know we have to go to the Northside in order to be able to shop at Walgreen's. I don't get it but at least it worked.


kelly said...

Hey, stay out of my Walgreen's....LOL...just kidding. I can share the wealth. And No it was not me swiping your stuff off the shelves. I did not even set foot in Walgreens Sat. I went twice on Friday. I'm glad you had a better experience. Just stay away from the store that gives you such a problem and you should be fine.

Amy said...

It's my Walgreens now! Mwwaahahaha

No really, we don't go there that much so you should be safe. :)