Monday, March 9, 2009

Walgreen's Grrrrrrrr

I am really starting to think that there is a conspiracy against coupons by any store that has Wal as it's first 3 letters.

So we trotted to our Walgreen's for the diaper deal and that part went fine we got 4 packs used 4 $5.00 coupons in 2 transactions and got 20 in register rewards. So essentially we got 4 packs of diapers for free we came OOP 25 for the 4 packs and 4 Kotex cause they were on sale and we had to spend 25.00 on each order, but the 20.00 in RR makes up for it. No biggie
So the three of us, my loving husband, me and our fussy, hungry, independent, non walking but wants you to walk her, early preview to the terrible two's 11 month old daughter decided to take advantage of the other deals offered. Big mistake. I mean HUGE. We ended up with a total of $50.00 when it shouldn't have been more than 20. The guy running the register telling me that "yeah, the coupon says one coupon per item but that means you can only use one coupon per order". Me... "Umm no 1 per item I have 3 coupons and 3 of that item." Response, "Yeah that confuses a lot of people". The only people confused are the ones at Walgreen's. So we voided the whole order and left. Even the guy behind us was on my side and argued in my favor. The cashier said "I can go item by item and remove the ones that won't come off." Nope I said "I'll just shop a Publix". I was not going to make a line of people wait for me. We are going to give them one more shot when we don't have the baby with us. With her it's just too much. We are going to split it into 2 transactions if that doesn't work I quit.

Just FYI because of the episode I called my Publix and according to Rachel they accept Register Rewards as competitor coupons so Publix may just get my 20 in register rewards for their awesomely priced chicken and I may get to never visit Walgreen's other than to go to the Redbox.


kelly said...

I'm sorry. My friend Selina feels the same way about Walgreens. I haven't had as bad an experience as that. At least you got the diapers. You could always try another Walgreens. Tell Matt to check out the one by our work. I always find their cashiers so helpful. Most of them do the coupons themselves so they understand it better.

Lynsey said...

you should really talk with the manager at walgreens about this whole situation; including calling Pulix. My husband is a manager at walgreens here in Ohio; so I would hate to hear you wouldn't go back!!!

Amy said...

The manager was called up by the cashier but he jusr shrugged and said he didn't know. He was asking the cashier to explain it to him. I could contact the district manager but we'll see what happens on my next attempt.

TA-TA said...

I had a similar thing with the Easy Save Coupon for the Glade Motion Sense product. The coupon say $4 off with limit of 1 coupon per item. I had a BOGO coupon so I had 2 items. They wouldn't allow me to use the 2nd $4off coupon. I just gave up because I got tired of arguing. It's so frustrating. I didn't have trouble with the diapers, but I was using the $3 coupon because my DD is in size 4.