Thursday, March 12, 2009

April issue of ALL YOU magazine

I got my April issue in the mail yesterday. I always enjoy looking to see what good coupons I can find in it each month. I thought this month had a lot more the than last few months that I would actually use. I may go buy another copy. Here are the coupons:
Colgate Wisp .50
Marzetti salad dressing $1.00
Sea Breeze products $1.00
Brut products $1.00
Brut deodorant .55
Free Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara at Walmart (max value $6.47)
White cloud bathroom tissue .50
Jane make up $2.00
Colgate toothpaste $1.00
Excederin PM $1.00
2 Splenda products $3.00
Stacey's Pita chips 6oz $1.00
Stacey's Pita chips 10oz $1.00
All you magazine .50
People magazine $1.00
Tums Dual Action $3.00
Stouffer's family or party size meal $1.00
Spectracide $2.00
Palmolive Pure+Clear .40
Palmolive .25
GE energy smart light bulbs $1.00
Buy any glade scented oil candle tin holder and get a scented oil candle refill pack free ($3.49)
Spot Shot .55
New York frozen products .50
Noxzema spashave 4 blade shavers $2.00
white castle .50
sunchips $1.00
wesson oil .50
underwood ham spread $1.00

Total savings around $50.

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