Friday, March 20, 2009

In Honor of Kelly

Ok since Kelly is so giddy about her upcoming wedding and is too flustered to bargain hunt we decided to go overboard and bargain hunt in her honor.

Highlights of our trip
10 boxes of the Trail mix cereal 1.00 they were 10 cents per box after coupons
6 containers of yo plus yogurt for free after coupons
free lotion, rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer thanks to the Baby Club
6 four count Dole fruit cups for 3.45 after coupons which is the how much 1 1/2 would cost
2 tubs and 2 packs of smart balance butter for 2.09 after coupons normally 3.49 for one
Total spent 333.81
Total saved 245.56
Total OOP 88.25
We saved 74%
The world nicest manager, George, had to stand there and individually override each coupon after the 50.00 limit. He did this with a smile on his face and thanked us for shopping there. He even waited til the bitter end to see how much we saved.
Love me some George. Corporate will be getting a very nice e-mail about him again.


homescrapper said...

I'm thinking that you did all of this at Publix??

Never met George but sounds like a great grocery associate.

Thanks for the pix.

And Wahooo for Kelly

kelly said...

You guys amaze me!!!!! You'll have to teach me your secrets before long...LOL.