Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Weekly Publix Run

So we made our run on Sunday this week because we are on spring break and don't have to work next week woot woot. Although it does make remember how it used to be.... 10 years ago "What are you going to do on spring break?" reply "I'm going to Daytona to lay on the beach and party". Flash to the present. "What are you going to do on spring break?" reply " I'm going to Harris Teeter and Publix then I'm going to get as much sleep as possible." Oh, how the times have changed :)
Oh well, we did pretty well but didn't take a pic because we had Olivia today and she is walking now and into EVERYTHING so no pic.

10 Contessa meals Reg 79.99 we paid 19.99
10 Bags of goodlife catfood Reg 44.50 we paid 2.45 for all of them
4 big 300 packs of Huggies wipes Reg 23.96 we paid 3.96 for all of them
20 Earth's best baby food Reg 21.80 we paid 6.90
10 bags of pretzel chips Reg 31.90 we paid 5.95
Our totals
Amount spent - 288.05
Total Savings - 218.39
Total OOP - 69.66
We saved 76%

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