Monday, March 9, 2009

I Love Publix

Ok, so they have great deals and all but the reason I love Publix is the people. The store manager knows us and points out deals for us when he sees us on Saturdays. "Did you guys see this. This is a really great price. $.99 for Colgate. You should pick up some". We didn't mention that we have like 10 tubes of Colgate we just said "Ooh yes it is". He's so nice. If you are ever in the Kernan Publix say hi to George.

The cashiers are impressed with the coupons not sulky. They do not roll their eyes or give a deep breath when we give them the coupons. More often than not they highlight the receipt for us. When we exceed the 50.00 coupon limit they say "Oh no problem I'll just get the manager". When the manager comes he smiles flips the magic key and says "have a nice day". We do not feel like criminals.

This week's shopping pic

We really did pretty well this week.

Total spent 217.03

Total savings 133.92 - 54.35 was in coupons

Total out of pocket - 83.11

We saved 62%

By the way...

Matt said to mention that the cat peeking out from behind the pizza box wasn't included. That's Bena. She just wanted snacks. :)


kelly said...

I went this weekend too! To Lazy to take a picture. I think I had 6 boxes of cheerios, 8 boxes of Ritz crackers and at least 8 oceanspray juices....LOL. I may appear like a crazy cereal/cracker eating & juice drinking lady at check out, but my teenager cashier and bag boy were impressed with my savings.

Amy said...

If there is a hurricane and I need juice and crackers I know where me and the fam are headed.