Thursday, October 30, 2008

Publix deals 10/30 - 11/5

Here are a few deals I thought were worth mentioning.

1) Ore-Ida Steam n' mash potatoes
These are BOGO free. So you get two bags for $ make this a much sweeter deal my Publix had a blinkie coupon machine on the freezer door with $1/ 1 coupons. Final Price= $1 per bag (75% savings per bag) Thanks Selina for the info on that one.

2)Green Giant Valley fresh steamers
These are 50% off each bag. Normal price at my Publix 2.39, 50% off price 1.19. Then I used all my $1/ 1 bag coupons making each bag .19 cents.

3) 1/2 gallon Publix chocolate milk is BOGO free. This makes it $2.69 for 2 (gallon total) Not bad at all. I bought 4 (they had long expiration's)

Great deal from RESTAURANT.COM

I love using I have used several for restaurants in our area. My favorite is Ted Montana's grill at St. Johns Town Center. The are having a special right now thru tomorrow (10/31). Buy a $25 gift certificate for only $2. It is easy to do:
1) Enter your area code and pick the restaurant you want
2) Enter the code TREATS at checkout
3) print out the gift cert.
Be sure to check the purchase requirements of the restaurant you choose. (example: some may require you spend $35 before the gift certificate)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Free Taco from Taco Bell

You can get a free taco from Taco Bell this Tuesday, Oct 28th, from 2-6 pm because someone stole a base in the world series. You can go here to find out more info.

Kmart is doubling again

Kmart is doubling coupons up to $2 (doubles to $4) again this week. I haven't really matched the ad to my coupons yet. Let me know if you come up with any good deals.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Walgreens coupon!!!!!!

Walgreens has sent out another coupon good for today and tomorrow. Click here to get yours. I haven't been yet this week, but I have been reading about others who found some good deals. I think the new rebate books for Nov. are out today also. Have fun shopping.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Need something cute to carry those coupons in?

Check out this blog. Dani saves money is hosting a giveaway of cute coupon bags that she makes. Go to her site and post a comment and you could be a winner.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Publix Visit

I was very impressed with my publix visit tonight. I spent $63.96 for $208.83 dollars worth of groceries. I saved $144.87!!!!!! My best Publix savings yet.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I basically made money on these from CVS

I started with about $14 and change in ECB's and when I was done I had $20 and change in ECB's and paid $1.47 OOP. I did do three transactions so I would pay less out of pocket.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

CVS deals for 10/19 - 10/25

It looks like CVS has a lot of good deals coming up this week. Some of them are Sunday & Monday only so don't wait too late and miss out on them.

Sunday and Monday ONLY

1)Buy a pumpkin pail at .99 cents, and get .99 cents ECB back
final price= free (limit 2)

2)Buy Brach's candy corn at $1.29, get 1.29 ECB back
final price= free (limit 2)

3) Buy a funlight at .99 cents, get .99 cents ECB back
final price= free (limit 2)


4) Buy $25 in baby care items, get $10 ECB back

5)Buy a 32oz powerade at $1.69, get $1.69 back in ECB (limit 1)

6)Buy Butler gum toothbrush (2 pack) at $3.99, get $3.99 ECB back. (Limit 5)

7) Buy colgate toothpaste or toothbrush at $2.99, get $2 ECB back (limit 2)

8) Buy $10 in Pert plus shampoo or conditioner or Sure deodorant, Get $5 ECB back
Use a $2/1 coupon in tomorrow's paper for Pert Plus

9)Buy Listerine Agent cool blue at $4.49, get $3 ECB back

Go to Deal Seeking Mom to find out more and get great printable coupons

Walgreens $5 off a $25 purchase

Use this coupon to get $5 off a $25 purchase. Remember this is the last day to use it. There are lots of good deals at Walgreens you could combine this with.

My frugal Pedicure

Does anyone remember the deal Herbal Essences was having this summer? If you bought two bottles of shampoo and sent in the form then you got a free pedicure. I got mine yesterday. It was so nice.

Monday, October 13, 2008

When it gets done.. I do myself proud!

Well it's far and few between that I get to do "Coupon Runs" anymore. Being a stay at home geographical single mom on top of trying to sale/rent our house has burned me out. However on the day, like today, that I did get go... ALONE:) without potty breaks, free cookie runs and being elasta mom (move over Mrs. Incredible) It was great.

I hit up Michaels which I found out take JoAnn & A.C Morre coupons.. Then I headed to Walmart. They don't beat when you can get double coupons but they do beat on almost all prices every other time. FYI The instant 6 pack jello single serves have been rolled back to $1 so if you have the .50 off of 1 coupon they are .50 a box. Then I headed to Winn Dixie. which I normally don't like but on I had a 10 for $10 rain check I need to use in combo w/ my $1 off steamers.. well then there registers would ring them all up right so I got 10 bags of steamers for free and only had to use 7 coupons... So, I'll save them for a rainy day. Next it was off to Publix which was my main objective. Now that I know they take other (AKA Foodlion) coupons I am in frugal heaven. I did get alot of stuff there.. Especially 20 jars of baby food.. yeah, my baby is 15 months but if he won't eat it (stage 3 oatmeal & applesauce) then I'll pass it on to Melissa.. At days ens I spent a grand total of $26.09 on everything! And did I mention the cute guy following me through Publix was an added bonus.. I don't know if it was my non-make up wearing messed up just rolled out of bed look or if he was getting a kick out of my frugalness either way I think I lost him when I opened the door to my car and a ton of junk fell out or it could have also been the 3 car seats in my car:) Either way.. It was a befrugal beautiful day in the neighborhood. Selina

CVS 10/12 - 10/18

Gatorade, Propel, and Sobe (limit 1)
Buy 5 Gatorade, Propel, or Sobe @ $5/5, get $3 ECB. It is being reported that CVS Reinventing Beauty Booklet has $1/2 coupons in it. (I think you find these in the store)
Final price= $2 or free if you find the coupons

Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste (limit 2)
Buy one at $3.49, get $2 ECB back. Use $1.50/1 coupon from the ALL YOU magazine (Aug, Sept, or Oct issues)
Final price= free after coupon and ECB

Skinvital face masks (limit 5)
Buy one at $2.99, get $2 ECB
final price= .99 cents after ECB

Stock up on Candy for Halloween! MARS Candy (skittles, M&M's, 3 musketeers, snickers)
Sale priced 2/$3. Use coupon $1/2 from 10/12 newspaper
final price= $1 per bag after coupon and sale price

Always infinity pads (14-18ct) (limit 5)
Buy one at $4.99, get $1 ECB. Use $2/1 coupon from 10/12 newspaper (P&G insert)
Final price= $1.99 after coupon and ECB

Swiffer products
Buy $10 in swiffer products get $5 ECB (limit 1)
Use coupon from 9/28 P&G insert to buy a swiffer sweeper starter kit and get a swiffer duster starter kit free.
Final price= $2.99 for both after ECB and coupon

Right Guard sport, Xtreme, soft & dri or dry idea
on sale BOGO free. Buy 2 right guard sport deodorants at $3.29 each. Use two $1/1coupons from 9/14 Red Plumb
Final price= $1.29 for 2 after coupons

Walgreens deals 10/12 - 10/18

Dr Pepper, A&W, Sunkist 2 liters
Buy 4 at 4/$5.00, get $2.00 register reward (RR)
Final price= 4/$3.00 after RR

Dimetapp Robitussin
Registar reward(RR) deal= buy 2, get $5 RR, Buy 3, get $10 RR
Use this coupon to get $2.00/1 dimetapp.
Buy 3 dimetapps for $3.99 each ($12), use three of the $2/1 coupons and get $10 RR.
Final Price= free + overage

Lindt Chocolate bars
Buy 2 at $2.49 each. Use BOGO free coupon from the 10/05 newspaper. Also use $1/1 coupon from the easysaver book (this should double when you buy 2)
Final price= .49 cents after coupons

Arm & Hammer Detergent
Buy one at $2.99. Use $1/1 coupon from Arm $ Hammer website. Submit $1 for Oct Easysaver rebate.
Final price= .99 cents after coupon and rebate

Bounty Paper towels
Buy one using the Walgreen's in-ad coupon for .89cents. Use .25/1 from the 9/28 newspaper.
Final price= .64 cents per roll

Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers (good stocking stuffers)
Buy 2 on sale for .90 cents each. Use $1/2 printable
Final price= .40 cents each after coupon

Ragu 26 oz
Buy $15, get $5 in RR. Buy 9 Jars for $15, get $5 RR
Use (4) $1/2 coupon from 8/17 newspaper
Final Price= 9 jars for $6.00

Friday, October 10, 2008

Where does the time go?

Happy Birthday 6th birthday to my sweet twins. It seems like yesterday that the Dr. shocked me with the news that I was having two. I'm a little sad that you are getting so big, but I love the personalities that you both are developing. Have a great birthday.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Watch Oprah today

The Coupon Mom will be on Oprah today. She will also have the thriftiest family in America. You can learn more here.. This should be good. In Jacksonville Oprah is on at 4:00pm and 12:00 midnight. You can always DVR the midnight showing.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Walgreens 10/5 - 10/11

As I mentioned last week, I am starting to like Walgeens more and more. There are some rules to remember though. Lori got frustrated this weekend because one of the managers she dealt with didn't even know their own rules.

1) Never use more coupons than the number of items you have. For example if you are using a store coupon and a man. coupon on one item then you need to throw in a cheap filler item. You can't hand them 5 coupons and only buy 2 items. There register/computer will not let all the coupons scan that way. I know it sounds crazy, but it is corporate policy.
2) Register rewards are considered man. coupons as well.
3) you can only use one register reward per transaction. You can't stack them like ECB.
4) you can't use a register reward for an item to buy that same item and get another register reward. You can use other register rewards though.

As long as you follow these guidelines you shouldn't have any problems.


Crest toothpaste or Oral-B Indicator toothbrush
Sale price $1.99, use the $1.00/1 coupon from the easysaver catalog(at the front of the store)
Final Price=.99 cents

Shredded Cheddar Cheese 8 oz
sale price 2/$3.00

Glade Wisp Flameless Candle
Buy one for $5.99, Get $3.00 register reward
Use the $5.00/ 1 coupon
Final price= free + $2.00 overage.

Go here to Deal Seeking Mom to see all the deals she found at Walgreens and CVS this week with printable coupons.

CVS deals 10/5 - 10/11

These are some of the deals I thought were good.

Glaceau Vitamin Water (limit 1)
Buy one for $2.29, get $2.29 ECB back.
Final price= free after ECB

Always Infinity Pads 14-18 count
Buy one for $4.98, get $4.98 ECB back.
Final price= free after ECB

Colgate Maxfresh with beads toothpaste 4.6-6 oz. (limit 2)
Buy one for $2.99, get $2.00 ECB back.
Use $1.oo/1 coupon
final price= free after ECB and coupon

Bic Soleil Cartridges 4 ct. or single razor with 2 cartridges (limit 5)
Buy one for $5.99, get $4.00 ECB back.
Get $2.00/1 coupon here
Final Price= free after ECB and coupon

Thursday, October 2, 2008


We went to see the movie FireProof tonight. I would recommend it to everyone. It was an excellent movie. Go here to learn more about it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

K-mart is doubling again

Lori got a postcard in the mail saying that K-mart is doubling coupons up to a $2.00 value again. It starts Wed. Oct 1 and runs through Sunday Oct 5th. Pull out those high dollar coupons and head to K-mart.