Sunday, October 19, 2008

I basically made money on these from CVS

I started with about $14 and change in ECB's and when I was done I had $20 and change in ECB's and paid $1.47 OOP. I did do three transactions so I would pay less out of pocket.


Anonymous said...

Where did you find your coupon for the butler gum toothbrushes?

kelly said...

I only had one coupon for the Butler toothbrushes. It was in my coupon organizer, but I'm not sure when I got it. I have been buying multiple papers for several months and since I only found one coupon it must have come from a magazine or something. I tried to look it up on hot coupon world , but couldn't find it there either. Sorry!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's OK I realized that it was buy them and then get the ECB's.
Thanks for being the site to get me started on this underground world hahhaha of "COUPONING". It has saved me so much in the just the few short months I have been doing it. Keep up the great work!!