Monday, October 13, 2008

When it gets done.. I do myself proud!

Well it's far and few between that I get to do "Coupon Runs" anymore. Being a stay at home geographical single mom on top of trying to sale/rent our house has burned me out. However on the day, like today, that I did get go... ALONE:) without potty breaks, free cookie runs and being elasta mom (move over Mrs. Incredible) It was great.

I hit up Michaels which I found out take JoAnn & A.C Morre coupons.. Then I headed to Walmart. They don't beat when you can get double coupons but they do beat on almost all prices every other time. FYI The instant 6 pack jello single serves have been rolled back to $1 so if you have the .50 off of 1 coupon they are .50 a box. Then I headed to Winn Dixie. which I normally don't like but on I had a 10 for $10 rain check I need to use in combo w/ my $1 off steamers.. well then there registers would ring them all up right so I got 10 bags of steamers for free and only had to use 7 coupons... So, I'll save them for a rainy day. Next it was off to Publix which was my main objective. Now that I know they take other (AKA Foodlion) coupons I am in frugal heaven. I did get alot of stuff there.. Especially 20 jars of baby food.. yeah, my baby is 15 months but if he won't eat it (stage 3 oatmeal & applesauce) then I'll pass it on to Melissa.. At days ens I spent a grand total of $26.09 on everything! And did I mention the cute guy following me through Publix was an added bonus.. I don't know if it was my non-make up wearing messed up just rolled out of bed look or if he was getting a kick out of my frugalness either way I think I lost him when I opened the door to my car and a ton of junk fell out or it could have also been the 3 car seats in my car:) Either way.. It was a befrugal beautiful day in the neighborhood. Selina

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kelly said...

Too funny!!!! I didn't know michaels excepted other coupons. Good to know.