Monday, March 16, 2009

Double Publix Run

So I heard Matt got into trouble for not posting this yet :)
Here goes
So looking at the pictures below I'm sure that some will think. Ok...who in the world needs that much applesauce.
Short answer is that we share the wealth. Some goes to my work, some to Matt's and some to Liv's daycare. Actually we send rice, crackers, cereal and other stuff to Liv's daycare because Ms. Dot charges us pennies but provides food for the kids. The only things we have to provide are wipes, diapers, jars of baby food and formula or soy milk. I know my daughter can put away some food so we share the wealth.

Saturday's trip

Total spent 173.30
Total saved 139.82
Total OOP 33.48
We saved 80%

Return trip on Monday
Matt did this run solo. What a good man I have :)

Total spent 98.14
Total saved 78.05
Total OOP 20.09
We saved 80% again

Whoot whoot!!

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