Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I posted about the chick-fil-calendar last week, but I got one today and wanted to let you know how good of deal this is. I have gotten them every year for at least the last 8 years. Usually some months will have a free item and some months will have a free item when you purchase another item. This year every item is a free item, no other purchase required. This is a great deal when the calendar is only $6 (i think). I got mine free with a purchase of a $20 gift card. Here are the deals:

Jan- free chicken biscuit or chicken noodle soup
Feb- free large sprit
March- free 3 count chicken strips
April-free medium lemonade
May-free milkshake...these are yummy
June- free bottle of water and a free fruit cup
July-free chicken salad sandwich
August-free large coke zero
Sept- free chicken sandwich
Oct- free large coke
Nov- free large diet coke ( they let you get whatever you want tea, reg soda, etc...)
Dec-free 3 count chicken minis or free large waffle fries

I know some months are just drinks, but a large drink is around $1.50....this calendar is well worth the $6 and even better if you get it for free by buying a $20 gift card this month.

I usually buy one calendar for each member of the family. You can use one per person....so when you walk in with your family of 5, you can use 5 coupons.

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