Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Have you started Christmas shopping?

I did a lot of Christmas shopping for our kids this summer when Target had the big 75% off sale. Target has just released some store toy coupons that can be combined with manuf. coupons for a good deal. Go here to freebies 4 mom and read about it.


David and Andrea said...

Nice to see you today! Question for you...What are your thoughts on using expired Publix store coupons? I think they said they will take them, but i feel bad adding them in with all of the other coupons i already use. Have a great night! Hope your shopping trip went well today :)

kelly said...

Andrea, it was nice seeing you today too. Noah is soooo cute! Love his eyes. Yes, my shopping trip went really well. I've never tried to use an expired Publix store coupon. I know that if they are out of an item and you get a raincheck they will staple your coupon (and it might be expired by the time the item comes in)to the raincheck and let you use it. That young guy in our Publix that is the customer service manager...you could ask him.