Saturday, November 28, 2009

How did your black Friday shopping go?

We were supposed to meet hubby's (family sister, mom, cousins) at Wal-mart at 4:30am. We overslept and didn't get there until 5:30am, but still got the stuff we wanted. I woke up to texts and calls on my cell from Lori M. and Lori G.....everybody was out getting deals. After Wal-mart we went to Waffle House for breakfast and then hit the mall. From there it was on to Target.
Jim had his free drink from Target in the picture those freebies. Next we went to Toys R Us and Sam's. We had lunch at my mom-in laws....yummy leftovers. Tonight I got some deals at Lifeway for my mom. All in all, I got a lot of the stuff I needed to buy.

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