Friday, July 10, 2009

Universal Studios for free today!

Do you collect coke points for my coke rewards? It paid off for us today, we went to Universal studios for free. We ordered tickets at the end of last year. I believe it was 1,000 points for 1 ticket. That ticket was expiring the end of August so we decided to go today. I also had another free ticket from the promo Universal did on the night of the Superbowl (the first so many to register got a free ticket) I just looked at My coke rewards and they have the same deal for Six Flags tickets (1,000 pts). We live within 3 hours of Universal and this is an easy day trip, but we also used priceline to get a hotel room. We bid on it and got a Marriott (residence inn) for $50 a night. This has a full kitchen, living room area with pull out sofa as well as a queen bed in bedroom. I have stayed at residence inn's many times and I have never gotten a price this good. And did I mention we got free breakfast too? I will continue to use priceline (and bid) for hotel rooms. We spent nothing but $12 to park at universal, even in this tight economy you can find a way to have a nice little getaway.

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