Wednesday, July 1, 2009

$1 deals

I went to Wal-mart yesterday (thanks to Lori who gave me the tip) and found a whole lot of $1 deals. Every clothes, women's, children's...had multiple $1 wracks. I stocked up on back to school clothes. These were items they marked down...some from as much as $ make way for new merchandise. I got sports apparel, Jonas brothers, high school musical, etc.... Be on the look out in your local Wal-mart for these deals.

Old Navy
On Friday, July 3rd, Old navy will have their Flag Tees on sale for $1 (limit 5) per person. This is a great deal, but I'm not sure I want to brave the crowds after the flip-flop day.


Amy said...

Ooh I see a trip to Wal Mart in my near future. I needed to go anyway to get Liv a baby pool. She keeps climbing in the fountain.

kelly said...

I went to Lem Turner, but Lori also checked River City and Normandy....They still had theirs at $3 which isn't bad but they should be coming down. We have seen stuff at Monument that low before but we didn't look there yet.