Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show us your life- Wedding party/flowers/ceremony

I am participating in Kelly's Korners "show us your life". This week is Wedding party, flowers, and ceremony. I had four great friends in my wedding (6/20/09), but I would have had at least 3 more if my husband could have found more men. I am blessed with very close and cherished friends and I would have loved to have them all up there with me. I had the colors pool and latte. After I picked the colors one of my bridesmaids said she was in her sisters wedding with the same colors, we devised this crazy scheme not to buy any dresses and borrow the dresses from that wedding. We pulled it off. The 3 pool dresses were all borrowed. We had so much fun laughing as we tried to squeeze one of them in a know who you My daughter was the flower girl and her twin brother was the ring bearer.
My cake had the pool and latte accents also. I loved it.

Another great friend who used to work for a florist arranged my flowers for me. I am so blessed to have talented friends.
I bought my shoes when I bought my dress. All of the girls fell in love with them so they wanted them. When we went to get them they were on clearance for 1/2 off. That is the good news...the bad news was that they only had 2 of the girls we called every David's bridal in the US and finally found 2 pair. One pair from TX and one from Orlando, FL. We all laughed that it was a redneck wedding with borrowed dresses and cheap shoes, but I think it was perfect. And the most important thing is that I had my great friends by my side.


Myra said...

i love the color combination! the shoes are SO cute!!

Natalia said...

It does sound pretty perfect :)

Stephanie said...

Those are some AWESOME shoes!

Claire said...

Adore those shoes!