Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harris Teeter trip day #2

We stopped by Harris teeter again this morning. We paid $7.23 total for everything in these two pictures!!!!! I'm loving this. Most of the items were free after coupons. The Ziplocs were .50 cents a box after coupons. The Powerades were .35 cents each after coupons. The Italian Ices were .70 cents a box after coupons. The mens Pert shampoo/cond/body wash combo was .29 cents after coupons. We saved $48.49 in coupons and $6.67 in VIC savings.
Avery was funny this morning because he was so sleepy from getting up at 6:50am that he just grabbed a beach towel without looking. When he got to the pool he realized he had a pink Disney princess towel. It was funny because he was trying to hide that towel....I guess it's not cool for an 11 yr old boy to have a princess towel...LOL

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Desirae said...

Good job! I am a coupon freak too :D