Sunday, September 13, 2009

This is too funny!

Lisa and I taught another coupon class...because yes, there really is alot to learn. One of my co-workers who attended the class commented on my facebook and then another male coworker left this comment:

"You girls need to go to "class" to figure out how to use coupons? Save time, and read my Readers Digest condensed version.
1. You cut the damn things out of magazines, newspapers, Paper Mint, etc.
2. Some are already cut out for you, so you save even more time! ... Read More
3. Look for the expiration dates so you will not be humiliated any more than you are being humilated already by holding up a line of shoppers such as myself while you pull out hundreds of coupons and hand them to some teenager who barely knows how to run a cash register, much less what to do with a wad of coupons.
4. Wait for the store manager to come over and help out, further holding up the line.
5. Finally, take your freebies to the car and hope I don't run you over for making me late!!!!

See? You read this in teo minutes, so no need for class anymore!

God Bless, and don't forget to thank Him for sending you someone like ________ to help ya'll out!!!"

He totally cracks me up!!!!!!

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Shirley said...

LOL! That's too funy. I find myself often appologizing to people behind me in line. But I usually also find that they aren't irratated with me. LOL!