Saturday, September 12, 2009

Looooong Saturday!!!!

Today started way to early to be a Saturday. We had to get up at 6:30 (yes a.m.) to be at Evangel by 8:00am to register cars for the pinewood derby. This is Drew with his car he made.

This was an all day event. I went and taught a coupon class at 11:00am. I came back around 1:30 pm and they were still going strong. We left about 3:30pm.

We were all pretty hungry so we went across the street to Cross Creek. There is a really good coupon in the Jacksonville (mint magazine) for 1 appetizer, 2 (8 oz) steaks, 2 sides and 2 desserts for $19.99. This was a great deal, except my kids didn't care for the Key Lime pie I picked as my dessert. As you can tell from Avery's face in this next picture.
These are some of the freebies that came in my mail today. Glad I got a quick picture because Deja already devoured the bone.


Breen said...

That track is much larger than the ones they used when my brother was a scout.

Where do you teach coupon classes at?

kelly said...

Today we had a class at Our Redeemer Lutheran church off Dunn Ave. We did one last month at my church, Oceanway Assembly. Lisa and I are just doing them when people request us to.