Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Halloween at the Take House

So Matt was told that he had to post pictures of his Halloween decorations and I must say that pictures do not do it justice it is truly a must see. I also want to mention how hard he worked at this. He worked for 2 days and one of those was solo after I fell in the driveway and removed the skin from my right knee. Lucky for you I am not posting a picture of that. I love my husband to death and this is one of the reasons I give him a hard time and but I love it too. He is one of my two greatest joys. The other is in his arms in the first picture.



kelly said...

Wow, Matt and Amy you have been busy this weekend! We will have to drive by one night and see it.

Amy said...

Please do. You can even trick or treat. Ask Matt about the chocolate at Soloman's.