Wednesday, September 16, 2009

planning birthday parties

We are planning the twins birthday party...not only do I have to come up with one theme...I have to have 2 themes. Abby wants hers to be Hannah Montana and Drew wants G.I.Joe. Click here to go to view the site I saw a lot of Hannah Cakes. I really like this cake.
I'm thinking about a cake like this for Drew. Click here to see the site I found it. I am not a great cake maker, but I'm tired of spending tons of money on two cakes at their I may try making them this year.
I will let you know as I find ideas. I'm trying to find frugal ideas. I have found free Hannah Montana coloring sheets and word search and free coloring sheets for GI Joe.


macpac said...

Madison wants a Cheeta Girl party. I found a lady on ebay who makes invitations that look like concert tickets with all the birthday info on it. I think they were like $10 I have no idea where I saw it though. You could probably just do a search for them on ebay.. Wish we were going ot be there.

kelly said...

I know, I wish you were going to be here too. I am going to do one invitation for both of them. I found tri-fold blank printable invitations at Michaels. I am going to put a picture of them in the midddle then explain Abby's party on the left side and explain Drew's party details on the right. I will post pics.