Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shopping the last day of 2009

I had a lot of coupon/deals I wanted to do that were expiring today so I headed out to Walgreen's and CVS this morning. My first stop was Walgreen's. The total of all this would have been $ without sales and coupons. After sales/coupons I paid $20.27 OOP, but I got back $16 in register I paid $4.27 for all of this......good deal to me. Next stop was CVS. My total before sales/coupons would have been $ My total OOP after sales/coupons was $17.44 and I got back $8 in extra care I spent $9.44 for all the stuff below.........BUT......the very best part is I am mailing in a rebate to get $15 back (olay) I made money on this deal.
My last stop was to another Walgreen's because the first store was out of neosporin. My total before sales and coupons was $22.38. I paid $4 OOP, but I got back $7 in register rewards. I made money on this deal too!!!!!!! A very good way to end the year:)

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