Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Have you experienced frustration at Walgreens?

My friend, Selina has always had problems with Walgreen's and she would call me to vent her frustration. I have always tried to be aware of every (sometimes crazy) rule that Walgreen's has for their register reward (RR) program. As long as I followed those rules I usually have no problems.....that is until last month. I work in a very urban area of Jax. so it is easy for me to run by that Walgreen's after work. About a month ago I had a problem with a transaction where I was using RR and coupons. I had the appropriate amount of items to coupons, etc... but for some reason it would beep in the computer. The manager came up and told me I can't use RR and coupons together. I explained Walgreen's corporate policy that a register reward is counted as a manuf. coupon and as long as the number of coupons doesn't exceed the number of items I can use them together. I couldn't get anywhere with him so I asked for my coupons and RR back and went straight to my Walgreen's near my home and did the same transaction with no problems at all. I was so frustrated with the first store that I stayed away at least a month. I decided to give them another try today because I had a RR that I needed to use. I bought 2 boxes of cereal. I used one manf. coupon and 1 RR....I was buying 2 items and using 2 coupons total for the transaction. Should be no problem right???? Wrong. It took the manf. coupon but beeped on the RR. I asked to have a manager come fix whatever problem was occurring. An assistant manager came up and told me that I can't use a RR with a matter how many items I have. i informed him that Walgreen's corporate counts a RR as a manuf. coupon and since I had 2 items I can use 2 he insisted I was wrong.... The cashier calls the manager and says over the phone "the lady we had a problem with last time is up here again"......excuse me????? I was not causing any problems just trying to get their problem resolved.....Long story short a nice lady manager did come up front and confirmed I was right, but not before I was totally embarrassed. I will not be going to that Walgreen's again.........but rest assured I will be going to other Walgreen's.

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