Monday, December 7, 2009

Great Keebler cookie deal at Target

This week Target has Keebler cookies on sale for $2 each and when you buy 5 packs you get a $5 gift card. So you spend $10 and get a $5 gift card, but I found something to make this deal even better. I went to the Christmas section of my store and found specially marked boxes of Keebler cookies. They did not have a sale sign so I scanned them to make sure they were $2 each( and they were). They specially marked boxes say: Free $10 in toy cash. You get a $10 toy voucher in the mail when you buy 5 boxes. The rebate form is inside of the box. And you have until 12/31/2010 (not this year) to redeem it. So this is what I did: bought 5 boxes for $10 total. Got a $5 gift card. Now will send in for $10 rebate = free + overage!!!!!!! We can use these at scouts or school party for snacks!!!!!! Win/Win!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Girl, you are always so on top of the deals. Love and miss you