Wednesday, December 30, 2009

75% off Christmas clearance

I went to Target this morning and they had changed to 75% off!!!!! I had set a goal not to buy anything until they went to 75% off and I did it. Not every Target has gone to 75% off so be patient. A few tips
  • look other places for Christmas items besides the designated place.....example I found Hello kitty make-up items for young girls in the make-up section. Some of the packaging had Chritmas so I scanned it and it was 75% off
  • look in the paper goods for holiday paper towels, ziplocs, tissues, etc....look in the food items for holiday marked foods. I got a pack of oreos for .67 cents because they had snowflakes on them.
  • look in the clothing for holiday clothes, socks, etc...
  • Candy- they have they Christmas books of Hubba Bubba gum, Life savers etc....these are individually wrapped package's inside the box book that can be taken out and used for Easter basket fillers.


My Wal-mart is still 50% off but you can find a few good deals. Wal-mart tends to have a lot of kids bath items.....GI Joe, Hannah Montana, Disney Princess, etc.... that is not marked holiday but is 50% off. Think outside the box. These would be great Easter basket fillers or gifts to fill a Valentine bag.....think ahead

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