Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pet Peeves

I love couponing and saving money, but it is my pet peeve when people really abuse the system and make it harder for all of us to use coupons. Jim and I went to Publix tonight to get a few more things before the sale went off. We went down the health/beauty aisle to get cheap pert plus and sure. We were going to get one of each. We noticed two ladies shopping together with 2 carts loaded down with pert plus, sure , and cover girl. They had at least 30 to 40 of each item. These items are all free or almost free when you combine a publix coupon and a man. coupon. Publix currently leaves their coupon books at the front of their store. I really don't want this to change because a small amount of people really push the limits. OK, I vented so I feel better:)


Jaxgatorgirl67 said...

UGH!! This is the kind of stuff that makes us all look bad in the eyes of others. Don't people understand if they abuse couponing it could very well be taken away from us and then they wouldn't get anything!!

Homeschoolingmomof3 said...

I agree... those may even be they type to sell their goods that they got for free at like say a garage sale?

Shirley said...

That's ridiculous! I feel your frustration. I get so mad when I go to get one or two things and the shelves are empty. I know that it's possible that everyone get their chance at getting some but chances are one or two people stocked up on most of it.