Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh a Shopping We Did Go

So... hubby and I made it to Publix and Winn-Dixie this weekend to hit some sales.

At Publix we bought most of the BOGO's as well as 4 packages of meat. If we had stuck to our list we would have been even lower but the meats were a really good buy so we had to deviate from the list.

Our total spent was $277.12 our savings was $157. 25 total out of pocket was 119.87 a savings of 57%. Not too shabby.

We then hit Winn-Dixie where shopping is not such a pleasure. One of our coupons wouldn't scan the customer rep came by asked us if we had already used the coupon. We told her no and then she checked the coupon box to make sure. It's so nice to be trusted. She then went to the manager who said if it wouldn't scan they couldn't take it so we had her void the items.

Our total spent was $99.32 our savings was $58.10 total out of pocket was $41.22 a savings of 58%. Not too bad either.

So basically we got $376.44 worth of groceries for $161.09 and saved 57% total.

A few side notes on Winn-Dixie. Use the self checkout registers. They are a lot less picky. The overworked, underpaid and fed up associate will just wave their magic "oops you did something wrong card" at the scanner and override any issues in about 4 seconds. They really don't care.

When checking out, 1st Scan all items 2nd scan coupons 3rd scan the card. If you scan the card first the computer sees the 2nd item in the BOGO's as free and will fry a circuit if you try to use 2 coupons after scanning the card.

The people who work in our store on Beach and St. Johns Bluff are really nice so we usually don't have a problem.

Have a wonderful week everyone

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