Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ahhh Shopping Here Really is a Pleasure

We took our weekly trip to Publix today and bought tons of stuff.

We bought
Creamer 4 bottles
Hershey's candy 4 bags
Scotty's tissues 3 boxes
Kraft Dressing 2 bottles
Glade spray air freshener 2 cans
Pupperoni 4 bags
Milkbone soft 2 bags
Hefty Contractor bags
Pillsbury dough 2 packages
Scott tissue 3 4 packs
Soft scrub 2 bottles
Betty Crocker cookie mix 4 bags
Uncle Bens rice 6 bags
Idahoian Potatoes 3 bags
Revlon tweezers 2
Flatout Bread 2
Shedd's spread potatoes 2
Shedd's spread butter 2
Oatmeal 1 canister
Hormel meals 2
Betty Crocker Cake mix 2
Betty Crocker frosting 2
Beech nut baby food 10 jars
Juicy Juice 2 packs
Publix brand Mylanta 1 bottle --Thanks to the tummy bug from Liv's daycare

Our total bill 178.55
Vendor coups 37.10
Store coups 12.00
Advertised Specials 47.20
Advantage Buys 11.62
Total Savings - 107.92

Total out of pocket 70.63 with tax

We saved a little over 60%

We would have saved more if it weren't for the Mylanta and the expensive contractor bags.

We saved more than we spent. The cashier was really impressed, said it was the longest receipt he had ever had and highlighted our receipt for us.

The guy in line behind us just watched and said "How much did you save?"
We told him about 107.00 he said "Wow, that's really smart"

Woot Publix

Now to plan the CVS trip :)

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