Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 year in review

January 2009- we started on the 1st going to the the Gator Bowl. Drew broke is left arm at church playing in the gym.
Feb. 2009- We surprised the kids by taking them to Tampa for the NFL experience the week befor the superbowl.

March 2009- I got engaged!!!!!!!

April 2009- Jim and I got to spend a week in NY/PA to see his girls.

May 2009- My oldest child turned 11 years old.

June, 20, 2009- I married my best friend.

July 2009- Deja came to live with us.....(Cindy's dog)

August 2009- Avery started middle school

and the twins started 1st grade

Sept 2009- Drew got glasses.

Oct. 2009- The twins turned 7.

Nov 2009- We went to Athens to see a Ga home game for Jim's b-day gift.......I am not a GA fan.

Dec 2009- Merry Christmas

New Years Eve 2009- Celebrated with some friends

all kids and men having a XBOX UFC tournament

may everyone have a blessed 2010!

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