Saturday, January 17, 2009

A huge stockpile!!!!!!

Wow, I thought I had a stockpile, but just look at this person's stockpile. Click here to see the photos.


homescrapper said...

We used to live up North and had a basement that would have worked great for this type of storage, But here in Fl., the pantry is just not capable of holding all that much.

I have been couponing for about 5 months. I am holding my breath for the day I come into the kitchen, open the pantry and see the shelves have crashed to the floor?

Anyone know a great shelf maker??
Hahaha! Well, I would rather buy it, use it, or give it away!
I appreciate the fact of being prepared, But when does one say to themselves Enough, is enough??
I'm not being funny, I'm really wondering that myself??

Obviously, it's a personal choice. It is fun to see the pile grow when you first get started but then it seems to become a chore of storage and keeping inventory!!
I'm taking the next step, thinking this through!

kelly said...

yeah, I understand. i don't really mind my food stockpile, because it saves me money if I'm running short one week I could literally not buy anything and be ok. What does bother me sometimes is all the bathroom stuff (shampoo, toothpaste,etc...) I gave a lot away and now I seem to have alot again. We don't use it as fast as we get more for free. Yesterday I was thinking up ways I could give some more away.