Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Using a Coupon Devotion

Hey Guys... I have been subscribing for a while to the A/G Women's Ministry's  devotional email... This is what today's was.. thought that you might would enjoy... Hey Kelly... I went to the Walmart of New Smryna Beach while at my Dad's and got all of my Kraft product freebies with my all you magazine coupons..

Using A Coupon

Using coupons is an amazing challenge for me. Clipping the coupon and adding it to my collection is like retrieving a prize. I love to gather those colorful little money savers for groceries, makeup, dog food or restaurants. I have a bright blue coupon keeper with little tabs so I can sort my coupons into categories. Sure, I often go through my collection and have to weed out unused expired coupons, but that never stops me from clipping more.

Sunday afternoon is my favorite time to settle in with the Sunday paper and my scissors. I snip away and quickly place my coupons in the coupon keeper. Then I place all of the restaurant coupons in my cars little compartment Im sure was designed for that very purpose. When I place the current weeks sale ads and diner coupons in the car, I pull out the previous weeks plethora of paper and pitch it. 

Many of my friends just do not understand my love of coupons. They chuckle and roll their eyes when one of them gets ready to purchase something and I say, Just a minute! I have a coupon for that! They also shake their heads when the wad of sale ads from Sundays paper slides out from beneath the passengers seat and splashes across the floor. However, not one friend has ever turned down a coupon when I hand it to the clerk at the cash register for her purchase. No one has ever complained when I pull out an eatery ad that lets us buy one lunch and get the second lunch free. 

I have learned a few tips to control my coupon addiction. I have used coupons greatly over the years for personal benefit, but I have also used coupons to bless others. When I am getting ready to fly out of town, I hand my pile of restaurant coupons and shopping ads to my neighbor to use. I learned to do that after I returned from a trip and discovered some really good coupons had expired while I was gone! I also pass coupons for baby items to new mothers; kids toys to young moms; and guys stuff to my friends who have husbands who would appreciate those things. 

Finally, I have learned what coupons not to collect. If I know I will be traveling soon, I dont clip coupons for groceries that would spoil while I am away. I make myself put the scissors down when I see coupons for candy bars, ice cream and my favorite chips while I am trying to take off a few pounds. When it is late on Sunday night and the newspaper is still rolled up in the plastic delivery bag, I have learned it is OK to go to bedand deal with the coupon clipping on Monday!  

Pam and Kathys 7 Tips for Getting Help from Coupons

Obtain an envelope, pouch or box to organize your coupons.

Find friends who can use the extra coupons you do not need. 

Be sure to check the fine print on coupons to determine limitations and expiration dates.

Use coupons to help you save money on what you plan to buy, not to dictate your purchases.

Sort coupons into categories or areas of the store (meat, produce, etc.) to make shopping easier.

Take advantage of stores that double your coupons or offer discounts in addition to your coupon.

Consider restaurant coupons as encouragement to take a friend to lunch without hurting your budget.

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kelly said...

great post Ammie!!! I'm glad you got to use all your coupons from ALL You.