Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Take a deep breath....

Today was one of those days when nothing goes as planned. Normally this is a cause of great stress to me. Today, however, I choose to look at things a little differently. When I normally would have had palpitations...I choose to deep breath. I went to the mall to get a gift for a friend's birthday and a wedding after work. I was going to Publix when I heard on the radio that there was an accident that had the road closed on my way home. I called Jim and told him he should take another route home from work. I went to Publix and was out in about 45 minutes. Ok, this was my first mistake....I thought the accident is probably cleared and it would be quicker for me to go my usual route home.....BAD CHOICE. I was sitting in standstill traffic for the next hour, but instead of stressing out, I was thankful that my husband (who took my good advice and went another route) was able to go pick up my children. As I sat there at 6:00pm, I thought I'm glad I put something in the crockpot this morning. When I got home I found out that I didn't add enough water to the crockpot and my lentils were pretty crisp. I didn't scream or cry. I decided it would be a good night to try the Chilli's 2 for $20. Even when there was a wait for Chilli's (on a Tue. night???) and when my children were acting more like monkeys, I didn't stress. I am choosing to count my blessings today instead of look at negative circumstances and I'm praying that no one was injured in the accident.

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